Bia writes…again.

in College, February 8, 2016

Eto na naman ako, going back to blogging. I got inspired to blog again because I feel like writing down and sharing some of my memories in life…again. I visited back my previous blog which I created 3 years ago, noong time na first year student pa ako sa college. While reading my post about me achieving my “college goal” made me laugh and smile. I realized how simple my goal in college was and never did I dream of something greater like dreaming of becoming the person that I am right now, and dreaming of all the things that I have achieved right now. A lot of things really changed in the 4 years of my college. I myself have changed. Changed in a way that I became someone better, someone I never imagined and never dreamed of.

Lately, nagiging senti ako, for the reason na patapos na ang apat na taon ko sa college. Time flies indeed so fast. Parang kailan lang when I was just sitting alone inside our classroom, still adjusting to a new social environment, wondering what would happen in the 4 years of my college life. I feel excited to graduate and finish this chapter of my life, yet at the same time sad. Excited because I am moving to another chapter, the reality, my career life. Sad because there are so many things that I’m still not yet ready to let go. Pero sabi nga nila, we must learn the art of letting go because there are great things in life that must come to an end. So I guess, life has to move on. And I believe that there will still be more exciting things that awaits me ahead. 🙂

Hanggang dito lang muna…more to come.