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Tips for TEAM “UMAASA”

This post is not a bitter post. And, let me warn you that this post is coming from a 20 year old ‘NO-BOYFRIEND-SINCE-BIRTH’ human being. So everything here is just based on experience. You might ask why on earth am I writing such post. Simple and basic answer, kasi isa ako sa mga umasa. That’s why I want to share some of the things I’ve learned after being hurt as someone who experienced na umasa.

Here it goes…

TIP #1: ENJOY THE RIDE! JOYRIDE! I’m not saying to enjoy your moment as someone na umaasa. What I’m trying to say here on my first tip is to enjoy the moment with that someone (whom I will call in this post PERSON X). Nothing’s wrong in mingling with someone new, di ba pwedeng friends muna? Everything will start as friends, we might not know what we will really happen next, pero just Go with the flow! Take this as an opportunity to get to know PERSON X.

TIP #2: DO NOT OVERTHINK In this tip I would sub-categorize it to: first, DO NOT BE TOO POSITIVE; and second, CHILL! WAG MAGMADALI! In this stage, you might start to overthink of what will happen next to both of you and PERSON X, and you might even start to ask “may something ba?” especially if PERSON X is someone we usually call “the consistent” in terms of communication and personal actions. So I guess, this is the stage where you start becoming someone who is UMAASA. Mahirap isipin o tanggapin. Pero yes, umaasa ka na.

DO NOT BE TOO POSITIVE. Ito na yung times na kung saan nagpapakita ka na ng motibo to PERSON X. Yung tipong feel na feel mo na talagang may something kayong dalawa kahit hindi pa confirmed. This stage of becoming-too-positive stage usually starts from your friends because your friends will be your friends: the ones who will really show support to you no matter what, lalo na kapag ika’y isang NBSB. Your friends would be like “Baka siya na!” or “Baka may something siya sayo!”. Of course! Your friends will definitely show support and optimism base on your stories about PERSON X, how kind he is to you, how sweet, and whatever PERSON X is doing. And of course, you would normally swallow everything and believe that “Oo nga, baka may something kami“. But hey, wag mo munang isipin yan! Always remember that hindi pa confirmed ang lahat! You might not know that PERSON X is actually just that kind of person, ISANG TUNAY NA KAIBIGAN.

CHILL! WAG MAGMADALI! So yes naging consistent siya sayo: everyday good-morning-take-care-have-fun texts, late night talks, and the like, pero the question is gaano katagal na ba siya naging consistent sayo? 1 month is not enough, TBH, even 2 months. That’s why you should not overthink again that he feels the way you think he does if hindi niya pa talaga na confess or nasabi sayo PERSONALLY. Kaya girl, relax and balik tayo sa tip #1, ENJOY THE RIDE! JOYRIDE! LOL!

TIP #3: CONTROL YOURSELF FROM FALLING So there you go, are you now attached to PERSON X already? And worst, are you an inch closer from falling? My tip here is to basically learn how to control your feelings. Do not be overwhelmed. You might not know that everything was just one-sided. Ang mas masakit if you were just used by that someone for his/her temporary happiness or what we call “panakip-butas”. Kaya to get rid from hurting, yourself, control yourself from falling. Be smart – utak muna bago puso.

TIP #4: WAG KANG UMASA. To put everything in a nutshell, that’s my last tip for you.

I know that my post is somewhat too “HUGOT”. But, tbh, yes may pinaghuhugotan ako. But don’t worry because on the brighter side all the hurt that you’ll experience from being someone na umasa will be a learning experience for you that will help you become someone better in the future. Kaya everything is a matter of choice on how you will live with it.


BIA. 22 y/o Software Engineer from DVO, PH, but currently based in CEB, PH. Writes anything under the sun, but mostly travel logs and guides, food, plus product reviews.


  • Denise

    I can relate girl!! This post made me luha ng konti because I have always been the umaasa one pero sge lg girl someday we’ll meet someone worth it 🙂

  • Leene

    Isa akong member ng #TeamUmaasa. I totally agree on your tips 🙂 “Utak muna bago puso”. Wag magmadali at enjoy ko lang muna ang pagiging close namin as friends hahaha. May tamang panahon ang lahat pati lovelife natin 🙂 <3

  • Gretch

    Oh gosh, this post is sooooo relatable. I’ve had my fair share of paasa guys. I know sometimes it’s my own fault for assuming things, but I hope guys should be more clean cut with their actions. Simple, easy flirting is okay, but do not show any deeper motives if you don’t have any intention of entering a relationship. And do not use someone’s feelings as an ego boost. Arggh. Now I’ve turned more cynical and pragmatic thanks to guys like that. I agree though, the flirtationship stage gives you warm fuzzy feelings, and it’s best to just enjoy it while keeping your heart at a distance.

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

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