Last March 24, 2016 (Thursday), my family had a road trip to Mati Davao Oriental. Our main reason as to why we have decided to travel to Mati is because we want to witness the beauty of the popular Dahican Beach. I have heard so many good reviews about Dahican Beach. Talk about surfing and skimming, they said Dahican Beach is one of the best surf and skim spots in the Philippines. We started our trip at around 8:00AM and arrived in Mati at around 11:00AM. Along the way, we had few stopovers.

At Province of Davao Oriental Welcome Park
View of "Sleeping Dinosaur"
View of “Sleeping Dinosaur Isalnd”

The famous “Sleeping Dinosaur Island”is one of the tourists attractions of Mati. The Sleeping Dinosaur Island is called such as it resembles the shape of a Dinosaur. TBH, I really don’t know what kind of Dinosaur it resembles. The only thing I know is that it shapes like a dinosaur. lol.

Dahican Beach
Dahican Beach

The famous Dahican Beach. Finally, I was able to witness and feel the beauty of Dahican Beach. I fell in love with the beach, literally LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I really did not expect that the beach would be that beautiful and fascinating. I even regretted why I did not bring any swimming clothes. The waves, windy atmosphere and the fine white sand of the beach makes it a perfect place to unwind. Literally, it’s a stress-free zone.

Dahican Surf Village
Dahican Beach, I’ll come back for you.

We just had our photos taken and enjoyed the place for just a few minutes because then, again, we just would like to witness the beauty of this famous beach. *sigh* I will definitely go back to this place. This place’s a legit BEACH.

Before heading back to Davao City, we had a short visit to one of my grandmother’s close friends in Mati. There we enjoyed eating a bowl of binignit and listened to stories as they reminisce their pasts.

VISIT DAHICAN BEACH – checked off of my bucket list. ‘Til our next road trip!

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