DAY 2, April 5, from Macau, we went back to Hong Kong to continue our family vacation. Remembering our arrival in HK, I was completely overwhelmed with their International Airport. I just can’t stop comparing this country to ours. Sorry but yeah. We were completely amazed with its convenience. Everything was fast, organize, and systematic. Very hassle-free I would say.

During our 3 day stay in Hong Kong, we stayed in Canada Hotel in Chung King Mansion, Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui. Let me say, that you should not expect much from this Hotel, because it is simply a budget hotel. Their rooms are small, but still it has it’s own comfort room. However, what I like about this Hotel is that their staffs are Pinays and what’s great is that they’re from Davao! So it was easy to communicate and ask how to’s and where to’s from them. You could read more about Canada Hotel here. Will I recommend Canada Hotel? Budget-wise YES! Okay na! Hindi naman din yung Hotel yung pupuntahan mo in HK. lol.

DAY 1 in Hong Kong we visited THE PEAK in the afternoon and TEMPLE STREET during the night.

Tsim Sha Tsui
Tsim Sha Tsui

In order to get to The Peak, you need to take a boat from Star Ferry Pier in Tsi Sha Tsui to Hong Kong Island, then take the 15C bus ride to The Peak Tram. Ticket price for the Peak Tram is only 83HKD, and it’s already a back and forth trip.

Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong Island
Breathtaking view from the Peak
Breathtaking view from the Peak
The Peak Tower
The Peak Tower
Night Market at Temple Street
Night Market at Temple Street

The Temple Street Night Market is one of the best places you could buy your pasalubong or souvenirs (the other one is in Mong Kok) due to cheap prices. Temple Street is located in Jordan Rd, Yau Ma Tei. A tip for those who wishes to purchase in the market, wait for the seller to really lower down the price.

Also, I recommend you to try some food and restaurants circling around Temple Street because it’s affordable and delicious. Sad that I don’t have photos of the restaurant we tried in Temple Street.

DAY 2 in Hong Kong was the highlight of our trip. HONG KONG DISNEYLAND of course! To get there, you just have to take the MTR to the Lantau Island then to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Station.

Disney Theme Train
Disney Themed Train

Ticket sold in the resort costs for about 539HKD. But tip to the tourists, you could already purchase tickets to ticket outlets. Usually guesthouses sells ticket parks. In our case we already bought our tickets in Canada Hotel because it was cheaper for about 20HKD, for what I remembered. Also, outside the entrance of Disneyland, there are some agents selling tickets at lower cost as well. My parents bought their tickets there from a Pinoy agent for only 500HKD.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Tarzan's Treehouse
Tarzan’s Treehouse
Fireworks Display at Disneyland
Fireworks Display at Disneyland

I might make a separate post for my HK Disneyland experience, because it’s worth sharing really! You might say it’s really pricey? But hey, swear and I promise you it’s going to be worth it. It was one kind of experience.

DAY 3 obviously we visited OCEAN PARK HONG KONG. The ticket price costs about 345HKD, for what I remembered. Same tip, purchase your ticket ahead in ticket outlets because it’s more cheaper.

Ocean Park



Did not expect that Ocean Park was so damn big. You even have to ride a cable car in order to get to the other park. On our third day, we were already tired that’s why we weren’t that overwhelmed visiting Ocean Park. If you want thrill rides, this is the best place for you. I recommend you to ride THE FLASH, HAIR RAISER, and THE ABYSS. Scary it may look but really fun! Out of the three, THE FLASH was the “hellest” ride I ever tried in my entire life. Can’t believe that I was able to overcome it. lol!

Highlight for this day, I finally was able to see a Panda in real life. haha! I really wanted to see a panda because they’re so cute and adorable! And yes, they’re really cute for real! YAAS!

At around 3pm in the afternoon, we headed back to Kowloon and visited Ladies Market in Mong Kok. For those ladies who are so fond of bags, this is the best place for you! The Ladies Market is literally a Ladies Market. There are so many bags for sale there that you could bargain for even half the price of its original price. But just an observation, the sellers in Mong Kok are more worst or scarier than in Temple Street because the seller will really chase you, grab your arm and convince you to buy. I had an experience there wherein I asked the price of a bag, then the woman got mad at me because I did not buy the bag. lol! One way of bargaining there is to literally walkaway, say you don’t have money, and they’ll just chase you and lower the price. Some sellers even gives lower than half the price they say. So yes, pakipot muna tayo. In the evening of Day 3, we just toured around Hong Kong. Visited some malls, and signature stores.

The following morning was our trip back to Philippines. Haaay sobrang bilis lang! Our one week vacation was one of a kind. It was actually our first time travelling outside the Philippines as a family. Best graduationXbirthday gift evaaaah. haha!

Some tips when visiting Hong Kong? Wear rubber shoes! I suggest you not to wear fashion shoes, sandals, sneakers. Wear literally rubber shoes or walking shoes so that you would feel less sore on your feet after long hours of walking. Also, as soon as you arrive in HK, immediately ask where to buy an Octopus card because it will be your savior in your trip. It’s an electronic payment system that you’ll be needing for easy access of MTR, bus, and can be used for payments in some stores like McDo and 7/11.  For MTR guides, I also suggest you to download the MTR Mobile app because it’s very useful. In MTR Mobile app, it will show and guide you the MTR system of Hong Kong, and it will even allow you to plan your trips.

Well my Hong Kong experience was memorable! I really did had fun. I will definitely go back to this place again because there are some places that we were not able to visit due to time constraint. Haaay missing this place already! See you again Hong Kong!

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