As summer is about to end and work life comes near, and I’m about to leave Davao real soon, I want to share something that I was doing this summer. It has now become my interest to try out new dishes and different cuisines. Since there’s a huge variety of dining options here in Davao, I would like to share my recommended and definitely must-try restaurants here in the city in which I have recently tried this summer. These restos are somewhat new and are not yet that well-known to the mass. Thanks to the power of social media, I was able to discover these restaurants.

1. Dulce Vida Bakery + Restaurant  by Tiny Kitchen

Cakes are my comfort food. To all cake lovers out there, Dulce Vida is highly recommended for you. Dulce Vida is a Bakery + Restaurant owned by Tiny Kitchen, a restaurant which offers Spanish cuisine such as Paellas (must-try too!). Dulce Vida offers not only a variety of pastries and desserts, but also rice meals and pastas. Cake slices ranges from Php100-Php175. Worth the price, I would say. A slice of cake would suffice for 2 persons already, not unless you could handle the sweetness of the whole slice all by yourself. But I recommend you to share a slice of cake with someone. My personal fave is their Red Velvet cake. The best red velvet cake I’ve tasted so far. Next is the Major Major.

Major Major at Dulce Vida
Major Major
Oreo Cheesecake at Dulce Vida
Oreo Cheesecake

Dulce Vida Bakery + Restaurant by Tiny Kitchen
F. Torres St, Poblacion District (Main) or
Tulip Drive, Ecoland Subdivision

2. Bistro Ah-lyoh

Here’s another restaurant that was recently introduced to us by our brother. Bistro Ah-lyoh is a hidden restaurant located at Talisay St., Juna Subdivision. It’s a house extension turned restaurant by the owners, I guess. Since the place is somewhat hidden, it’s silent and for me it’s a perfect place for small gatherings and chats with friends. You’ll love the ambiance once you’re there, I swear.

As for the food, delizioso! The first time we ate there, I immediately fell in love with their food. Shrimp Roll Sub and their Pork Sisig are must-try’s! The price of their meals range from Php100-Php180. They also offer, BUY 1 TAKE 1 Pizza @ Php299 only. Worth the price and the servings are enough too. You could request for the menu in their FB page.

Shrimp Roll Sub at Bistro Ah-lyoh, DAVAO
Shrimp Roll Sub
Pork Sisig at Bistro Ah-lyoh, DAVAO
Pork Sisig

Bistro Ah-lyoh
Talisay St, Juna, Matina
FB: Bstro Ah-lyoh

3. DimYum Restaurant

As far as I know, DimYum is a “sister restaurant” of Caitlyn’s Dimsum House Restaurant (now closed) because the first time I ate at DimYum was at their Jacinto branch, near our school, and the waitress informed me about it since I realized that their menu is the same as Caitlyn’s. DimYum serves Chinese and Malaysian cuisines and various Dimsum dishes at affordable prices. My family is really a fan of Chinese cuisine, that’s why DimYum is our new favorite restaurant, a personal fave as well. Our regular orders in DimYum is their Wanton Noodle Soup and Dimsum platter. My personal fave is their Hakaw/Shrimp Dumpling, you could order it at Php70 for 4pcs. You should also try their famous Xiao Long Bao and Chocolate Buchi. Very delicious! Also,try drinking their Chammomile hot tea after meal, very soothing and tastes very good! DimYum also offers frozen dimsums wherein you could just steam it at home. You could visit their FB page for more reviews.

DimYum Delicacies (Photo courtesy of DimYum Restaurant
DimYum Delicacies (Photo courtesy of DimYum Restaurant)

DimYum Restaurant
Sobrecarey Street, Obrero
FB: DimYum Restaurant

4. Tomodachi Japanese Cuisine

Are you a Japenese food lover? Here’s Tomodachi a newly opened Japanese Cuisine restaurant. The place is very small and has limited seats. But at perfect timing, you’ll be able to enjoy the taste and experience Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. During our visit, since it’s new, the service was not yet that good, waitresses still were not familiar of what’s in the menu, and the serving’s small, bitin. However, for the food, I still find it delicious, especially their ramen. I’m not really a fan of Japanese food but this one’s worth a try. You can view their menu online through their FB page.

Maguro Sushi at Tomodachi Japanese Cuisine
Maguro Sushi
Seafood Ramen at Tomodachi Japanese Cuisine
Seafood Ramen

Tomodachi Japanese Cuisine
Corner Guzman-Palma Gil Streets, Obrero
FB: Tomodachi Japanese Cuisine

5. Korean Seoul Ga Restaurant

As for my last recommendation, but certainly not the least of course, is a Korean restaurant named Seoul Ga. There are already a lot of Korean dining options here in Davao, however I was only able to try two restaurants so far since I’m not that into Korean food. But this one’s an exception. I was browsing for restos in Davao in TripAdvisor and found this. It had good reviews and many says it’s the best Korean resto in town. I can’t agree to this yet due to the fact that I only tried out two restos here in the city, but I agree to the fact that this resto serves good food! Their excellent service is a plus too! The prices are reasonable and the servings are enough, good for 2-3 persons already. On our first try, we ordered Chicken Gang Jung (half chicken @ Php400), Sam Gyup Sal (sliced Korean pork belly @ Php350), Kimbap (Php160), and Hae Mul Pa Jun (a korean style pancake with vegetables and seafoods [MUST-TRY!] @ Php 280). We also tried Korea’s most famous alcoholic beverage, Soju, for Php150. Everything was worth the price and a must-try! What’s a big plus for Seoul Ga is that what you see in the picture in their menu is what you’ll really get. There’s a lot more offered in the menu, so I’ll definitely be going back to this restaurant again!

Seoul Ga Dishes
Seoul Ga Dishes
Soju @ Php150
Soju @ Php150

Korean Seoul Ga Restaurant
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Exterior Victoria Plaza Compound
Hungry now? Take note of those restaurants above and try them when in Davao. Have fun resto-hopping!

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