For the last 6 months, I never got a chance to check my weight on a weighing scale because we don’t have one in our apartment in Cebu. Just recently, I realized that I need to check on my weight because I know that I’ve been literally growing, horizontally because…Cebu happened. And yes, as I checked my current weight I was a bit SHOCKED knowing that I really did gained a lot of weight. So yes, I WILL DEFINITELY GO ON A DIET ON 2017. PROMISE…crosses fingers.

Anyways, for the past 6 months of living in Cebu, I’ve somewhat tried quite a lot of places/food already because food is so much love in this City. There’s a lot more to try on next year, but here’s a year-end report of my “so-far” favorites in Cebu that you should as well try soon.

1. Amidala Cafe

Sweet Milkshakes of Amidala Cafe

Calling out all Star Wars fans out there, this is the best place for you to visit because this place is a Star Wars-themed Cafe. This is one of the first places I tried on my first few weeks in Cebu and this place really did not disappoint me because, it’s not just the Star Wars thingies (I‘m not a Star Wars fan btw) are to look forward to, their famous milkshakes are a must-try as well! I ordered the Wookies Milkshake, a cookies-and-cream-ish flavored milkshake, worth PHP190 (Milkshakes price range: PHP190 – PHP220), a bit pricey but very worth it. What I like about their milkshakes is that the ingredients are so legit like KitKat, Oreo, and Nutella. But the sweetness of the milkshakes is so mad that you need to drink a liter of water afterwards. Lol. But overall, this is so far the best milkshake I’ve tried.

Ground Floor, Ma. Cristina Arcade
Ma. Cristine Extension, Capitol Site
Cebu City
Opens from 3PM – 12MN

2. Zubuchon

Zubuchon Platter

Cebu is known to have the best lechons (roasted pig) in the world. Out of the lechon restaurants I tried, Zubuchon is so far’s the best. At a price of PHP180 you can already enjoy the famous Zubuchon meal. But I do recommend you to go in a group because it’s a lot more practical to order the Zubuchon Platter compared to the FastMeal type.

3. Sugbo Mercado

Sugbo Mercado (Cebu Market) is one of my favorite places to chill and eat in the City. This actually reminds me of our very own Roxas Street Market in Davao City, however this place is an avenue for local food entrepreneurs/merchants to showcase their products in a bazaar way. There’s a lot to choose from in the market from meals, refreshments, and desserts. Also, you can choose meals depending on the cuisines that you would like to try on, there’s Japanese, Korean, Italian, and a lot more. Most of the food sold there are a bit pricey (I usually spend about PHP200 – PHP300 per visit), but you’ll really love this place especially when you’re a foodie type of person.

Grilled Panga (Tuna Jaw)
Refreshing Piña-Cucumber from Piñacoolada.
Briquito Silvanas. Favorite dessert after a meal in the market. Pistachio flavor is my personal pick.

Sugbo Mercado
Garden Bloc, IT Park, Lahug
Cebu City

Negros Rd, Cebu Business Park
Cebu City

Opens from 5PM – 1AM

4. Larsian Barbecue

Barbecue Choices at Larsian

If you’re craving to feast on delicious and tasty barbecue meals, Larsian is the best place for you. It is an old food haven that’s just been recently renovated and it’s said to be known as one of the tourists attractions in Cebu. The place is composed of various stalls that sells almost the same barbecue choices, that’s why the competition is very hype in this place. When you arrive in Larsian, expect for a chaotic entrance because you have to choose which stall you’re going to order and a lot of vendors will do their sales talk all at the same time, but don’t worry it’s going to be peaceful once you’re settled down. So good luck and enjoy!

Larsian Barbecue
Don Mariano Cui Street, Capitol Site
Cebu City

5. Siomai sa Tisa (Siomai at Brgy. Tisa)

Siomai sa Tisa + Puso Combo (Photo courtesy of CebuDailyNews)

One of Cebu’s popular street food is siomai, but it’s more known as “The Original Siomai sa Tisa”. I don’t really know if it’s a brand but I’ve seen numerous stores from different locations in the city selling “The Original Siomai sa Tisa” product. But anyway, Tisa is a Barangay located at Labangon, Cebu City and a street in Tisa on night time transforms to a “Siomayan“/Siomai Market, wherein the so-called “original siomai sa Tisa” is sold. There are a lot of stores to choose from that sells the famous street siomai. One piece of siomai is PHP7 and you may choose if pork or Japanese. Then, it is best to eat this with puso, which costs PHP3 each, plus chilli sauce. What can I say about it? Ibang klase and I love it. It’s really something to crave especially after a long stressful day in work.

How to get there: From Ayala Center Cebu Terminal, ride 12L jeepney to Labangon, and drop off to Tisa. You’ll just notice a busy street with lots of Siomai stores.

6. Monbis

Cebu’s Famous Halo-Halo from Monbis

How can I not recommend this famous halo-halo in the City of Cebu? Right after eating Siomai at Brgy. Tisa, it is best and recommended to eat halo-halo in Monbis to refresh your mouth from the chilli sauce. Also, it’s just a 5-minute walk away from the Siomai market area. The halo-halo in Monbis is not the typical halo-halo that you imagine. This one’s way different. It’s like a blended milk mixed with corn flakes, sprinkles, banana, brownies, and topped with ice cream and stick-o. One order of halo-halo is PHP75 only. I could still remembered my joyous smile the first time I tried it. I squealed and got that kilig feeling because it’s so delicious, and I’m sure that you’ll love it too.

Monbis Halo-Halo
F. Llamas Street, Punta Princesa
Cebu City
Opens from 8PM – 12MN


I guess that’s all for this year. I know there’s more for next year. If you have a place/food to recommend here in Cebu, I’ll be glad to know it.

Happy Holidays everyone! Ciao!

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