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Ever since I’ve first climbed Osmeña Peak, I was so eager to have another trekking experience and explore the outdoors and the beauty of our country’s nature. A few weeks ago, my officemates planned to have an outing around south of Cebu. So, one of our officemates suggested that we do something new which is to trek from Osmeña Peak to Kawasan. Gladly, a lot of us were interested to do the challenge despite the warnings about how exhausting the trek would be.

As what our tour guide told us, traversing from Osmeña Peak (Dalaguete) to Kawasan Falls (Badian) is approximately 18km and would usually take about 4-5 hours to reach the falls.

So just last weekend, we took the challenge of traversing the so-called “Death March”. At 3:30 AM of February 11, we started assembling at Cebu South Bus Terminal, rode the bus going to Oslob and departed Cebu City around 4:20 AM. As we arrived at Mantalongon Market (Dalaguete), around 6:20 AM, we took a 45 min habal-habal (motorbike) ride going to the starting point of the Osmeña Peak trek. I swear, you should really wear long sleeved top/jacket because it would be so cold during the ride. My nails actually turned purple-ish and we all shivered as we arrived on the starting point.

At the Osmeña Peak Tourism Center, you need to pay an entrance fee PHP 30. Tour guides will just approach you with no fee, but for our case we hired the tour guide to guide us on traversing to Kawasan Falls. The guide offered us PHP 1000 fee, but we gave him an extra tip because we were many. The trek to Osmeña Peak is just easy and would only take about 30-45 mins. So around 7:30 AM we have reached the highest peak of Cebu and enjoyed the breathtaking view for an hour.

“Dabbing” at the highest peak of Cebu!

After enjoying the peak, we immediately started our traverse to Kawasan Falls around 8:45 AM. Along the trek, there were a lot of scenic views that all of us enjoyed. There was one area wherein people will really smile and greet you which really helped boost our energy up.

“Sandwich Girl”

This looked like the famous Rice Terraces.

At the third hour of our trek, my legs were already trembling and my muscles were getting in pain. Worst part was most of the trek were downhill and slippery. I got a hard time doing downhills because my shoes were not for trekking plus I had a hard time balancing myself due to exhaustion for the past hours. To be honest, I was already crying inside because I was so tired already and I wanted to take a long break from walking. But of course,I reminded myself that I have accepted this challenge and I must finish what I’ve started. There’s no turning back.

Past our fourth hour of traversing, around 1:00 PM, we could almost hear the sweet sound of the water falling. Due to excitement, our energy got better and our walking speed went faster this time and ta-dah! We have finally reached the beautiful Kawasan Falls. I was so amazed seeing how clear the water was and it made me want to jump and dip in immediately.

Seeing such beauty, all the pain and exhaustion was all worth it.

We decided to enjoy our rest at Kawasan Falls Level 2, wherein the 65 foot waterfall is located. We rented a cottage/hut for PHP 300 only. Life vests are also available for rent for PHP 50. It is recommended to rent a life vest because the water is actually shallow, like literally you can’t see underneath it, plus especially if you want to try out jumping off that 65 foot high waterfall.

I was really in doubt jumping off this waterfall because it’s a 65 foot one, but YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, so let’s go! Haha! Yes it was scary af but totally worth the experience. I will definitely try canyoneering soon!

Jumping off that 65 foot high waterfall

After our rest at Kawasan Falls, we rode a tricycle and headed to Lambug Beach Resort to meet the rest of our officemates who did not join the trek. The 30 min tricycle ride from Kawasan Falls to Lambug Beach Resort is PHP 50 per person.

Alliance Software Inc. June 2016 Batch + 1 Adopted. Lol.

So nice that we were still able to catch up sunset. Such a great way to end the day. Thank you Lord, we have conquered “Death March”!


  • Start your trek as early as possible so that you’ll finish early too. Total trekking time from Osmeña Peak starting point to Kawasan Falls is 6-7 hours.
  • Wear proper trekking attire: cap, long sleeved top/jacket, trek/jogging pants/leggings, trekking shoes (trekking shoes if possible; don’t wear slippers!)
  • Bring bottled water to keep yourself hydrated along the trek. 2L will do.
  • Condition your body before trekking. It’s one thing that we forgot, there was no warm up done before the long trek that’s why we got muscle pains after.
  • Bring first aid kit just in case accidents/emergencies will happen.
  • Bring snacks with you just in case you’ll get hungry along the trek. We brought sandwich and canned goods for breakfast and lunch.

Itinerary + Budget

3:30 AM Assemble at Cebu South Terminal Bus
4:20 AM ETD Cebu City Bus Fare: PHP 120
6:20 AM ETA Mantalongon Market, Dalaguete
6:30 AM Habal-Habal to Osmeña Peak Starting Point Fare: PHP 100
7:00 AM ETA Osmeña Peak Tourism Center/Start of Trek Entrance Fee: PHP 30
Tour Guide Fee: PHP 1500/11 persons = ~ PHP 137
7:30 AM Osmeña Peak Viewing and Picture Taking
8:45 AM Start of traverse to Kawasan Falls
1:00 PM ETA Kawasan Falls Lunch: PHP 100
Cottage: PHP 300/11 ~ PHP 28
Life Vest: PHP 50
4:00 PM ETD Kawasan Falls to Lambug Beach Fare: PHP 50
4:30 PM ETA Lambug Beach Resort
Tricycle Ride to Bus Stop Fare: PHP 50
Badian to Cebu City Bus Fare: PHP 116

That’s all for my 2nd trekking experience. I did enjoy it despite being so exhausted. Everything was totally worth it. Will I do it again? Sure but not right now Haha! Looking forward to another trekking experience!

Do you want to do this trek soon?

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