Hooray for a long weekend here in Cebu City! Friday, February 24, was declared a Holiday here in Cebu City to give way for the commemoration of the City’s 79th Charter Day. So because of that me and my officemates had a quick holiday escapade at a not-so-known resort in Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City – Casa Blanca by the Sea. I have just recently discovered this resort on a post from Ella of WanderingElla, and was completely curious at how beautiful the place was after seeing photos of the resort. That’s why I suggested this place as we planned whereto.

A day before we went to the resort, I called and inquired about their rates and how to get there. Good thing that they responded fast and answered all our inquiries. Day use was only PHP 300 which includes the use of resort pool and beach. If you want to take lunch there the rate is PHP 750 which is already expensive for us. However, they did encourage us to bring our own food because there’s no corkage. It’s really best to call them before going there.

Going there, we all met together at Parkmall, Mandaue City (to get there: from SM City Cebu, ride a 01K Jeep to Parkmall) and bought our food and necessities. From a Jeepney Terminal at Parkmall, we rode a 45 minute jeepney ride going to Punta Engaño; fare is PHP 15. We told the driver to drop us off at Movenpick Hotel. Then from Movenpick Hotel, we walked to Hilton Port, then took a 20 minute public bangka transfer to Santa Rosa Wharf, Olango Island for PHP 15 + a terminal fee of PHP 5. At Hilton Port, don’t be tricked at people who will offer you boat transfers to Olango Island because some will say that it will take you long if you take the public bangka, which is not.

Santa Rosa Wharf, Olango Island
Santa Rosa Wharf, Olango Island

As soon as we arrived at Santa Rosa Wharf, we took a 15 minute tricycle ride to Casa Blanca by the Sea. Tricycles are available at the port. Fare is supposed to be PHP 20 each but we paid PHP 120 for us 5 so that we could immediately go to the place. You’ll notice that you’re already at the resort because there will be lots of Bougainvillea from the outside.

Pathway to Casa Blanca by the Sea
Pathway to the White House

We were wowed as soon as we entered the place because you could really immediately appreciate as how peaceful the place is. Seeing that white house from afar was really exciting.

Inside the white house we were greeted by the staffs and paid our entrance fee of PHP 300 for day use then off we go, took lots of pictures of the place, relaxed and unwind from the city stress.

Striking a Pose at the White House's Stairs
Striking a Pose at the White House’s Stairs
Overwhelmed by the Place
Completely overwhelmed by this unwinding place

We were actually on doubt about visiting this place because it may just be nice on photos, however it was literally the best example of WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Just WOW!

Casa Blanca by the Sea

Dipping at Casa Blanca's Pool

Enjoying Serenity at Casa Blanca by the Sea
Enjoying Serenity at Casa Blanca by the Sea

The place was so exclusive, it is indeed the perfect place to relax and escape from stress and the busy city. We almost owned the place actually because it was only us and a couple were just the guests. Lol.

Going to the Sea side
Going to the Sea side

By the Sea

Enjoying the Island Life
Enjoying the Island Life

From the resort name itself it says “by the Sea” because literally the resort is just a walk away from the sea. We wanted to actually swim at the beach but too bad it was low tide and we were not able to avail the resort’s floating cottage and bangka. So what we did, we just took a walk along the bamboo bridge. It was quite scary knowing that the bridge is just made of wood and bamboos, but gladly we were able to walk and get back safely at the beach.

Sunset in a few
Sunset in a few

At around 5:00 PM, we readied ourselves to leave the place because we need to ride the public bangka going back to Hilton Port before the last trip which is 6:00 PM. I wonder how the place would look like at night, especially when it’s sunset. I bet it’s going to be perfect.

When we arrived at Hilton Park, we tried waiting for a jeep going back to Parkmall, however we took the jeepney ride going to Gaisano Capital Island Mall Mactan because all jeepney to Parkmall were full. Then from Gaisano, we took a V-Hire ride going to SM City Cebu for PHP 25. We arrived safely back in Cebu City at around 8:00 PM.

Cheers for another Adventure
Cheers for another Adventure! Ending our day drinking wine at La Vie Parisienne.

Itinerary + Budget

9:00 AM Assemble at Parkmall; Buy food and necessities
10:30 AM ETD Parkmall Jeepney Terminal Fare: PHP 15
11:15 AM ETA Movenpick Hotel
11:30 AM ETD Hilton Port Fare: PHP 15
Terminal fee: PHP 5
11:50 AM ETA Santa Rosa Wharf, Olango Island
12:00 PM ETD Santa Rosa Wharf to Casa Blanca Fare: PHP 20
12:15 PM ETA Casa Blanca by the Sea Entrance Fee: PHP 300
5:00 PM ETD Casa Blanca by the Sea Fare: PHP 20
5:20 PM ETA/ETD Santa Rosa Wharf Fare: PHP 15
Terminal fee: PHP 1
5:40 PM ETA Hilton Port
Jeepney Ride to Gaisano Mall Fare: PHP 11
V-Hire Ride to SM City Cebu Fare: PHP 25

Do you want to unwind yourself from stress? Visit this place then!

Casa Blanca by the Sea
Bas Coral, Olango Island
Lapu-lapu City, Cebu
Philippines 6015
+63 (32) 406 7738 | +63 917 635 8600 | +63 923 521 8164

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