This is just a quick post about a new cafe that I just recently tried; a cafe which was introduced to me by my brother. If you know me well, you know how much I love eating cakes. It’s just one of my comfort food whenever I’m having some mood swings, when I’m burned out, and especially during PMS.

So I searched for some dessert parlors nearby our apartment over the weekend because I was craving for a slice of cake to satisfy PMS days. My brother suggested that I should try out Tablea Chocolate Cafe at JY Square Mall (which is just a 5 min motorcycle ride from our apartment). I always get to pass by this cafe every time I visit JY, however, never I was interested of trying it because I never was a fan of tablea chocolatea Philippine product made from cacao beans. One of the main reasons why I don’t like tablea because of it’s bittersweet taste and its after taste.

Since I was so hungry to eat cake that moment, I gave this cafe a shot. Almost everything in their menu are based on tablea – cakes, chocolates, brownies, coffee, chilled drinks, and more. They also sell raw tablea products for you to make your DIY tablea drinks or food. To be honest, their desserts are so mouthwatering as you can see on the picture below.

Bitter-sweet desserts from Tablea Chocolate Cafe
Bitter-sweet desserts from Tablea Chocolate Cafe

I was quite relieved seeing that they’re also selling non-tablea based cakes – red velvet and Ube. However, my brother told me to order something new because I’ve been ordering red velvet or Ube cakes for almost all the time. So yeah, why not? I ordered their best seller which is the Tablea Layered Cake, a tablea based chocolate cake with custard filling in the middle, only for PHP90/slice. Also, I tried out one of their drinks in the menu, Iced Hazelnut Chocolate Milk for PHP130. The prices were reasonable given that the serving of one slice of cake is already good for 2 and as for the drink it’s already grande-sized.

Tablea's Iced Hazelnut Chocolate Milk
Tablea’s Iced Hazelnut Chocolate Milk
Tablea Layered Cake
Tablea Layered Cake

Forgive me for this ugly food photography. I was supposed to eat it at our apartment, but since we were waiting for something I started eating the cake. You could really taste the tablea for both the slice of cake and the drink, but this did not disappoint me, actually I loved it! I love how it turned out to be not too sweet and too bitter. As I was nudging the tablea cake, I never really knew that I’ll learn to love this bittersweet thing. lol!

So for those who are into trying out exotic food, this should be on your list when you’re in Cebu, and totally should not miss it. I guess I’ll keep on coming back to this cafe every now and then and slowly try out everything in their menu.

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