Ni hao! What’s up everyone? I apologize for not being consistent in maintaining this blog. My life has been too pre-occupied to a lot of aspects at the moment – events, work, emotional problems, social life, and whatever. Also, I got too busy with studying for a certification exam under Microsoft that I  recently took last July. Gladly I passed and I could finally breathe fresh air again.

3 months have already passed since my Taiwan trip and I’m so excited to blog about it because it’s actually my first out-of-the-country trip with friends and it was so fun and memorable. There’s really a lot to talk about my 5-day trip in Taiwan but in this post, I’ll try to keep it short and just talk about some of the highlights.

DAY 1 – Arrival + Taichung City (Gaomei Wetlands & Fengjia Night Market)

We arrived at Taoyuan International Airport – T1 on June 6, around 10 AM. After all of our airport agenda (immigration, currency exchange, and pocket WiFi pickup), we immediately headed to Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station to take a HSR going to Taichung City.

Taichung City

Gaomei Wetlands

After checking in to our hotel in Taichung City, we were kinda hesitant if we should still go to Gaomei Wetlands because as what the taxi driver told us, it would take us around 2 hours to go there by bus and it was already around past 3 PM that time. Good thing, the hotel staff told us that we could still go there and catch the sunset if we leave immediately. Lol.

It was just one bus ride going to Gaomei Wetlands from our hotel and travel time was about an hour and a half, for what I could remember.

Gaomei Wetlands

Enjoying the fresh breeze at Gaomei Wetlands
Enjoying the fresh breeze at Gaomei Wetlands

As what I’ve read from the other blogs, it’s really best to catch the sun set when visiting Gaomei Wetlands to get a more scenic view + Instagram-worthy photos, but we were kind of scared of not being able to catch a bus if we stay late and we were already hungry, so we just decided to leave the place a little early.

Fengjia Night Market

Fengjia, hailed as the largest night market in the city, was our first night market to visit in our trip. It was indeed overwhelming seeing lots and lots of food to choose from. We didn’t even know which one to try out first. What we did is bought varieties of food and shared it just so everyone could try it.

Honey Lemon Tea? Lol too bad I didn’t take note the flavor of this drink, but it was so delicious! Perfect to quench our thirst after a long day.

Capped-off our Fengjia night market food trip at this dim sum stall. The owner was so kind that he offered to take a picture of us inside his stall. Gosh, you could never miss out eating these mouth watering dim sums.

DAY 2 – Taichung City (Rainbow Village, Miyahara) + Taipei City (Elephant Mountain, Taipei 101)

Rainbow Village

Located somewhere in Nantun District is one of the well-known attractions in Taichung city, a small, vibrant, and colorful village called Rainbow Village. Everything in this old veteran village was actually hand-painted by a former soldier, Huang Fung-Yu. Isn’t that amazing?

The government was already supposed to demolish the village, however since it was loved by most of the locals and tourists, they have decided to preserve it.

Mr. Huang Yung-Fu
So lucky to meet the artist himself, Mr. Huang Yung-Fu

Going back to the city proper was a struggle especially the weather was so hot! We didn’t want to take the taxi going back to our hotel because it’s too expensive, like it would cost about NTD 700. So we waited for about half an hour for a bus to arrive.


Miyahara is just a walking distance from our hotel. This store is described to have a Harry Potter vibe, that’s why I wanted to visit it.

It’s just there that I learned that Miyahara is a store that’s famous for desserts, especially for pineapple cakes. We were just strolling around and taking pictures inside the store ’cause the desserts were so expensive.

Street food find: Red Bean Wheel Cake
Street food find: Red Bean Wheel Cake
Definitely not a fan of milk teas, but this one is an exception!

Bubble/Boba/Milk tea is said to have been originated in Taichung City. We were supposed try out the original bubble tea from Chun Shui Tang after our visit at Rainbow Village, but we already went back to our hotel and checked-out since we need to ride a HSR right after lunch heading to Taipei City. But of course, we didn’t leave Taichung City without trying out bubble tea from one of the famous bubble tea shops, Mr. Wish.

Right after lunch, we headed to Taichung HSR station to ride a HSR going to Taipei City. We got somewhat emotional leaving Taichung, ’cause it was such a relaxing and peaceful place and a day to explore it was so bitin! Oh, fun fact, bus fare is free in Taichung if within downtown area.

HSR going to Taipei City

Taipei City

Elephant Mountain + Taipei 101

The trail going up to Elephant Mountain takes about 30-45 minutes. From there you’ll be able to a see a great view of the metro.

Elephant Mountain Trail
Elephant Mountain Trail
Taipei 101 view from Elephant Mountain
Taipei 101 view from Elephant Mountain, such a beaut.

We didn’t get a chance to have that IG-worthy photo at Elephant Mountain wherein you climb and sit at a big rock because almost everyone’s lining up for it. Lol. I guess it’s best to go there during sunrise where there are less tourists.

Since we felt a bit adventure-y, we just walked from the Elephant Mountain trail going to Taipei 101. No google maps, just signs.

We didn’t bring extra shirts with us and we were sweating so hard due to the hike plus it drizzled when we walked to Taipei 101, that’s why we bought matching camouflage shirts from Pull&Bear!

Dinner at Din Tai Fung, Taipei 101
Dinner at Din Tai Fung, Taipei 101

Probably this was the most expensive dinner we had in our whole trip, but nah we really don’t mind when it comes to food. I have read a lot of blogs that we shouldn’t miss out eating at Din Tai Fung – a five-time Michelin awarded restaurant. Well, I’ll say it in my blog too, I would definitely recommend you not to miss out eating at Din Tai Fung, try out those famous Xiao Long Baos and cap-off the feast with their best selling Chocolate Xiao Long Bao for dessert.

There are a lot of people on queue for Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101, so I would suggest you to go maybe an hour before your actual dinner time and not to go there with a hungry stomach.

Dumpling and noodle feast
Dumpling and noodle feast
Ended the night with this Taiwan Beer and life talk
Ended the night with this Taiwan Beer and life talk

That’s it for Day 1 & 2 of our Taiwan trip. Hope you enjoyed it! Day 3-5 to be continued…

If you want to know more about our itinerary or if you have some questions, feel free to comment down below, I’d be glad to help out.

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