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    Thursday Road Trip

    Last March 24, 2016 (Thursday), my family had a road trip to Mati Davao Oriental. Our main reason as to why we have decided to travel to Mati is because we want to witness the beauty of the popular Dahican Beach. I have heard so many good reviews about Dahican Beach. Talk about surfing and skimming, they said Dahican Beach is one of the best surf and skim spots in the Philippines. We started our trip at around 8:00AM and arrived in Mati at around 11:00AM. Along the way, we had few stopovers. The famous “Sleeping Dinosaur Island”is one of the tourists attractions of Mati. The Sleeping Dinosaur Island is called…

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    To God be the Glory

    Looking back in my First year in College, I could still remember myself saying: Bia, dapat paggraduate mo may love life ka na and dapat grumaduate ka as Cum Laude. This is it! All my sacrifices, mental breakdowns, and hard work finally paid off!  I am officially graduating! After that four-year roller coaster ride, I’ve finally made it to the finish line. Sobrang nag-enjoy ako nung college. They say High School’s the best part of life, but for me College was. I was able to experience so many things that never did I expect to. I may not seem to achieve my college goals, but, for me, I still felt that I was able to…

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    Tips for TEAM “UMAASA”

    This post is not a bitter post. And, let me warn you that this post is coming from a 20 year old ‘NO-BOYFRIEND-SINCE-BIRTH’ human being. So everything here is just based on experience. You might ask why on earth am I writing such post. Simple and basic answer, kasi isa ako sa mga umasa. That’s why I want to share some of the things I’ve learned after being hurt as someone who experienced na umasa. Here it goes… TIP #1: ENJOY THE RIDE! JOYRIDE! I’m not saying to enjoy your moment as someone na umaasa. What I’m trying to say here on my first tip is to enjoy the moment with…

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    Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! 11:57PM – It’s official! I finally purchased biasambrano.com after weeks of hesitation. And yes I will officially return in the blogging world and I am so excited about it. Yay!

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    Bia writes…again.

    Eto na naman ako, going back to blogging. I got inspired to blog again because I feel like writing down and sharing some of my memories in life…again. I visited back my previous blog which I created 3 years ago, noong time na first year student pa ako sa college. While reading my post about me achieving my “college goal” made me laugh and smile. I realized how simple my goal in college was and never did I dream of something greater like dreaming of becoming the person that I am right now, and dreaming of all the things that I have achieved right now. A lot of things really changed in the 4…